World of Locations


Morocco has eclipsed the rest of the Middle East and North Africa as a shooting location in recent years and its popularity shows no sign of abating.


Namibia shares 967km of its 3,936km long border with South Africa, a neighbour firmly on international filmmakers’ production and locations radar. The relative proximity to South Africa, political stability and Namibia’s extraordinary...


The 30% cash rebate scheme introduced in 2014 has had a transformative effect on the Dutch film industry. This soft-money scheme has both enabled Dutch producers to attract foreign partners and has brought international films to the Netherlands.


Most productions come to Nevada to do brief location stints around Las Vegas or in the hills and dry lakebeds of the Great Basin and Mojave deserts. The glitz and casinos of Vegas have recently drawn features such as Tupac Shakur biopic All...

New York

Always a draw for producers due to its highly developed media infrastructure and locations ranging from Manhattan streets to the Catskill mountains and Rochester’s Finger Lakes, New York has become a much more feasible location over the past...

New Zealand

New Zealand’s abundant natural beauty fascinates international filmmakers, who flock to the southern country in droves to shoot the unspoiled landscapes and work with world-leading post-production houses.

Northern Ireland

HBO’s long-running Game Of Thrones has kept Northern Ireland busy, shooting for nearly a decade at the Titanic Studios in Belfast. The show’s success has helped draw other high-end TV dramas and films to the country.


Though it has limited film-making infrastructure and a relatively small labour base, Oklahoma’s generous and easy-to-use 35% rebate is a lure for producers. The state hosted 16 films in 2016 and recent shoots have included Paul Dano’s...