Marin County film locations

Marin County

Longtime Super Bowl advertiser Hyundai purchased two 30-second in-game TV slots during the February 2016 climax to the NFL season. Hiring four world-class directors from Santa Monica-based Biscuit Filmworks to help create their Super Bowl 50...


Massachusetts is an attractive location for bigger studio films because its payroll credit covers above and below-the-line expenses and its production credit includes out-of-state expenses, with no annual or project caps. Credits can also be...

Montana film locations


Though many of the film and TV productions that shoot in Montana do so because they tell local stories, others come for the sweeping Great Plains vistas that have earned the state its ‘Big Sky Country’ nickname. In the past 18 months, the...

New York

New facilities are being built to keep up with demand thanks to the state’s lucrative tax credit programme that can also encompass post-production work only.

South Australia

South Australia has a lot to offer filmmakers. Its capital, Adelaide, is home to a thriving screen production community, with innovative heads of department and in-demand visual-effects companies. And the South Australian Film Corporation...


(Solo: A Star Wars Story image: Lucasfilm Ltd) Spain boasts 8,000 kilometres of coastline as well as deserts, mountains, fascinating cities and various national and regional financial incentives. The Canary Islands are particularly...


(Image: Shutterstock) It may be relatively expensive to shoot in Switzerland but the country’s stunning locations are enough to attract many producers.


Ticino Film Commission, the region that includes Locarno, is hoping to put Switzerland on the speed-dial of the world’s leading location managers.