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Georgia film locations


Georgia has grown to become the third busiest production hub in the US, hosting 245 film and TV projects in fiscal 2016 (down three from 2015), representing a direct spend of $2.2bn (up 19% from the previous year).


While Germany boasts world-class technicians and facilities, and its producers are known as reliable international co-production partners, the German film industry is becoming increasingly concerned it is falling behind in the race to house big...

Hungary film locations


The Hungarian capital Budapest is a chameleon city with magnificent architecture. Film-makers shooting there have recreated Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Buenos Aires. Hungary’s other big attraction for international productions is its...


Iceland, quite simply, looks like no other place on earth — lava fields, black sand beaches, fjords, glaciers, icy mountains, waterfalls. That is one reason Disney went there to shoot parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A...


The result of the EU referendum vote in the UK has caused “a period of uncertainty” in Ireland’s film industry, according to the Irish Film Board’s inward production manager Steven Davenport. “The Irish Film Board remains committed to...

Italy film locations


Italy’s seductive blend of modern, cosmopolitan and historic cities, stunning countryside, rugged coastline and luxurious beauty spots such as Lake Como, has long proved one of cinema’s most popular backdrops. Now the numbers are beginning...

Japan film locations


Japan is yet to establish itself as a major international filming location with appeal beyond East Asia, and rarely hosts footloose high-budget international productions for more than a few days. The country has no formal filming incentive...


Latvia is popular as a filming location for small-scale northern and eastern European productions, but still has work to do to boost its appeal further afield.


Film and TV productions often come to the island state of Hawaii for specific kinds of locations — notably jungle and beaches — or to shoot at some of the world’s top surfing spots. But other looks can be found, alleviating the need for...