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Georgia film locations

Georgia has grown to become the third busiest production hub in the US, hosting 245 film and TV projects in fiscal 2016 (down three from 2015), representing a direct spend of $2.2bn (up 19% from the previous year).

Recent shoots include Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Logan Lucky, The Accountant, The Founder, The Leisure Seeker, Hidden Figures, Gifted and The Birth Of A Nation. The main draw is a tax credit — applying to Georgia and out-of state labour — of up to 30%, but the state is also known for its crews, its transportation infrastructure, a growing list of studios and relatively low labour costs. Georgia’s production boom came briefly under threat in March when several studios, indies and celebrities protested against ‘religious liberty’ legislation proposed in the state. The legislation, seen by critics as anti-gay, was vetoed by the state governor

The Lowdown

Financial incentives

A transferable 20% tax credit — with a $500,000 minimum spend — on qualified production and postproduction expenditures, with no limits or caps and no sunset clause. An additional 10% tax credit for including the Georgia promotional logo in the credits.

Full details on financial incentives in Georgia: Georgia Department of Economic Development

Infrastructure and crews

The state has more than 30,000 film workers. Production facilities include Atlanta Film Studios, Pinewood Atlanta Studios and Raleigh Studios Atlanta. Several other facilities are being built or developed.

Size matters

This south-eastern state is about 230 miles across and 300 miles from top to bottom, with capital Atlanta in the north and Savannah on the Atlantic coast. Atlanta is two hours by air from New York and five hours from Los Angeles.

Andy Cohen, producer, Gifted

“We were looking for a location that could double as Florida, because Florida had lost its incentives. We settled on Georgia because of its incentive and then we found what we needed in Savannah, which did an excellent job of doubling for Florida.”

Would he come back?

“I’d shoot there again in a second.”

First person to call

Lee Thomas, deputy commissioner, Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office
Tel: +1 404 962 4048

Need to know

  • DO bring plenty of insect repellent if you are shooting in the summer.
  • DO contact liaisons in the state’s Camera Ready Communities programme to find out about restrictions and location permits.
  • DON’T  forget to check the weather Georgia has high humidity and is vulnerable to violent tropical storms.

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