Argentina hit the headlines in 2015 when the cast and crew of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Oscar winner The Revenant had to relocate from Canada to the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego in search of snow. It was a reminder of Argentina’s vast geographic diversity.

Thanks to an established film industry, Argentina is also considered a highly professional location. Recent films to have shot in the country include Sony’s Focus, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, and Majestic Filmproduktion’s The Colony (Colonia) starring Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl and Michael Nyqvist, that saw Buenos Aires stand in for early-1970s Chile.

The Lowdown

Financial incentives

There is nothing official yet, but an incentive plan is under discussion and local city and state incentives, including discounts and cash rebates on production services and accommodation, can be found through the Argentina Film Commission and its national network. The country’s relatively low costs and beneficial exchange rates mean hiring crews, services and accommodation can make it worth the expense of travelling to South America or taking local crews beyond Buenos Aires.

Infrastructure and crews

The country is known for fully equipped services and facilities, as well as experienced crews and talent, though these are held to strict union rules. Unions are also known to have two price lists — and the one for international producers charges more and is in dollars. Film commissions offer assistance with permits and locations.

Size matters

The distance from the northernmost Jujuy province to the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego is more than 3,300km, making the coastal location of Buenos Aires near the middle an ideal launch point and typical layover site on flights to and around the country.

First person to call

Ana Aizenberg, executive director, international affairs, INCAA
Tel: +54 11 4382 7919 / 28

Need to know

  • DO hire a local production service company. Gabriel Balanovsky of Buenos Aires-based San Telmo Productions suggests a local company can help to “noticeably reduce costs with equipment providers, transportation and housing”.
  • DO consider a stay in the chic Palermo district of Buenos Aires as it boasts many film and TV businesses.
  • DON’T overlook the architecturally diverse Buenos Aires as a low-cost stand-in for European or US cities.
  • DON’T leave without sampling an Argentinian steak and a glass of Malbec.

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