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Blue Sky AdriaticWant to film in Slovenia? Contact:

Mario Zvan, Blue Sky Adriatic
Cesta prvih borcev 11, 8250 Brezice, Slovenia
Tel: +386 070 720 567

Blue Sky Adriatic is a full production service company facilitating international productions in Croatia and Slovenia. Our experience includes servicing a wide range of different media projects such as TV commercials, feature films, reality TV and photo shoots.

Our clients include leading global companies such as Park Pictures, RSA, Anonymous Content, Traktor, Quad, Believe Media, Filmmaster, Who’s McQueen, TYO, BLM Film and others. We have also facilitated commercials for brands such as Pepsi, Visa, Nike, Airbnb, Fiat, General Electric, Kellog’s, Chevrolet, Samsung, Mazda, Sony, Royal Caribbean and many more.

The region has a long history in facilitating international film productions and this tradition is reinforced by offering an incredibly diverse range of locations in a compact geographical area from snowy Alps to the blue Mediterranean.

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