Bulgaria location gallery

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Andra Petre, Producer, Icon Films
Tel: 004 031  82 57 535
Mobile: 004 0731 818 745
email: office@iconfilms.ro
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Icon Films, formerly known as Domino Productions, is one of the top service companies in Romania.

The company provides production services to distinguished clients such as: Academy Films, MJZ, Biscuit, Furlined, Anonymous Content, Blink, Stink TV, RSA, Markenfilm, Wanda Productions, Quad, Smuggler Skunk. Icon Films is excited to help you discover Bulgaria and its beauty through our new Sofia office.

Bulgaria is well known for it’s New York, Roman and London Street back lots, where Hollywood productions such as Expendables and 300: Rise of an Empire were shot. However locations also include breathtaking landscapes from beautiful coastlines to vast mountains to busy urban streets.

Icon Films has previously worked with directors including Jonathan Glazer, Dougal Wilson, Adam Berg, Martin Werner, Adam Hashemi, Nicolai Fuglsig, Brian Beletic, Jeff Nichols, John Hillcoat and many others.

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