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In 2016 Fiji experienced a record year for production, with 56 projects electing to shoot on the Pacific island, eight of which took advantage of the unrivalled 47% tax rebate available to film, TV and commercials producers.

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Australia is as popular as ever with international filmmakers looking for competitive incentives, world-class crew and diverse locations. With a steady influx of international productions in recent years, the country’s premium facilities have invested in expansions and upgrades. Queensland’s Village Roadshow Studios now features the largest soundstage in the southern hemisphere. A superstage of 4,000 sq m (40,000 sq ft) opened in July 2016 and was christened by Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. The facility will next house James Wan’s DC underwater origin story, Aquaman, which will make full use of the onsite water tank and also shoot on location in south-east Queensland until mid-year.

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South Australia

South Australia has a lot to offer filmmakers. Its capital, Adelaide, is home to a thriving screen production community, with innovative heads of department and in-demand visual-effects companies. And the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) offers a number of incentives that make production in the state attractive for footloose feature films and television series. These include payroll tax exemptions, production and post-production support for eligible projects that meet local spend quotas, and a generous location scouting grant.

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