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With the buzz around China’s box office and financing deals, the country still attracts international productions but can no longer be regarded as a low-cost destination to shoot. As the local film industry is booming, competition for cast...

Japan film locations


Japan is yet to establish itself as a major international filming location with appeal beyond East Asia, and rarely hosts footloose high-budget international productions for more than a few days. The country has no formal filming incentive...

Malaysia film locations


As Malaysia starts to emerge from the shadow of regional production powerhouses China and South Korea, it has its sights fixed firmly on becoming a major locations player.

South Korea

With accommodating film commissions, cash rebates and in-kind support, experienced film crews and rising international interest via the Korean Wave, South Korea’s cityscapes, mountains, rivers and seas have drawn an increasing number of...

Taiwan film locations


Following international shoots including Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi, Takashi Miike’s Shield Of Straw, John Woo’s The Crossing and Luc Besson’s Lucy, Taiwan hosted Martin Scorsese’s Silence, starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson and Tadanobu...

Thailand film locations


Thailand is a popular filming location for small-scale projects, primarily from Japan and parts of Europe, and is occasionally chosen for high-profile, big-budget shoots. In 2014, Thailand’s cumulative inward investment from several hundred...