Author - John Hazelton


(Lost In Space image: Eike Schroter/Netflix)

Netflix’s commitment to invest nearly $400m in Canadian content has encouraged individual provinces to enhance their financial incentives, which will benefit all international producers.

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Massachusetts is an attractive location for bigger studio films because its payroll credit covers above and below-the-line expenses and its production credit includes out-of-state expenses, with no annual or project caps. Credits can also be cashed out with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at 90% of face value.

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Montana film locations

Though many of the film and TV productions that shoot in Montana do so because they tell local stories, others come for the sweeping Great Plains vistas that have earned the state its ‘Big Sky Country’ nickname. In the past 18 months, the state has hosted features including The Revenant, Certain Women and Buster’s Mal Heart, TV series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and commercials for Polaris, Cheetos and Ford.

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