Author - Geoffrey Macnab

South-East Europe

(Star Wars: The Last Jedi image: John Wilson/Lucasfilm 2018. Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved)

Stunning locations and an attractive incentive have made Croatia one of Europe’s leading shooting hubs. Meanwhile Bulgaria’s studios are hugely popular, Serbia and Slovenia now offer filming incentives and Turkey boasts spectacular buildings.
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Macedonia film locations

Macedonia is a small country, but one with a vibrant film industry. It has strong -production and service companies, along with skilled technicians. “There are around 280 sunny days a year, low taxes, low operation costs and competitive labour costs,” says Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska, director of the Macedonian Film Agency.

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Flatpack Films

Zita Kisgergely and Juan Amin’s Budapest-based Flatpack Films is one of Hungary’s leading production service companies, particularly for commercials. The company has years of experience and a network of contacts stretching across Europe and from India to South Korea.

Flatpack has a reputation for reliability and problem solving. The company, previously known as PPM, recently oversaw production of a lavish new Montblanc ad featuring Hugh Jackman that shot in Budapest with an international crew. The company has also serviced a commercial for Hyundai, which follows a child who grows up fascinated by cars — and ends up driving a Hyundai.
Kisgergely and Amin are producers who know just how to access locations and to enable foreign producers to work in Hungarian studios with local crews. “Due to our 20 years of experience, we know everyone in the Hungarian industry,” Amin explains.

When it comes to features, Flatpack is presently servicing an Indian project called Raabta, which is now shooting in Budapest.